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'...from the realms of glory.' Inspired by the message of Christmas these angels bear names of four senior archangels (two biblical and two two traditional) and two minor archangels (traditional). They are produced as line drawings, line drawings with water colour skies, and in full colour.


  1. Michael- Prince of Light- Protector

  2. Gabriel- Wings of Life- Bringer of Good News

  3. Raphael- Healing Sun- Bringer of Healing

  4. Uriel- Fire of the Soul- Angel of Salvation

  5. Raguel- Friend of God

  6. Remiel- Provider of The Vision

  7. The Heavenly Host

Each thumbnail contains an image of the line drawing, line drawing with water colour skies, and  full colour

1.    2.    3.    4.

5.    6.    7.


Originally designed as a series of Christmas cards these can also be produced as prints (framed or unframed) or notelets.


As Christmas cards I included in the greeting the words of the angels from the Christmas story in Matthew's and Luke's Gospels.


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